Central Park Media Liquidation Sale

Project A-Ko. They don't make them like they used to.

Central Park Media, one of the pioneers of  Japanese animation distribution in the United States, is now liquidating all its assets and licenses. Unlike ADV Films, whose over-aggressive tactics of acquiring new licenses have bit them in the butt, Central Park Media’s demise was the total opposite; their lack of effective marketing and acquisition of newer and better titles have ultimately led to its downfall. In any case, the once mighty giant of the U.S. anime industry is selling off all of their licenses which includes Project A-Ko, Here is Greenwood, Harlock Saga, The Slayers, Grave of the Fireflies, and much more.

Now there are only two companies remain standing: ADV Films and Funimation. And even then, in a matter of a year, if not months, Funimation might be the only game in town. It’s a sad state of affairs, but that is life.


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3 Replies to “Central Park Media Liquidation Sale”

  1. You do realize we still have Bandai, Right Stuf/Nozomi, and Media Blasters right?

    Out of the remainders though, I think Nozomi and Media Blasters probably have the best business plans right now. Even Funimation is experiencing steep sales declines and is struggling to make money. It’s a tough market.

  2. Good call. I was hoping someone will call us out. LOL.

    Yeah, I do know that Media Blasters and Manga Entertainment (to some extent) are still around. It’s tough all around for the anime distributors, and the tough economy really exacerbates the dire situation they’re in.

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