FanimeCon 2009: A Delayed Summary

As the (unofficial) resident photographer of the Unwound Show, I’ve finally managed to scrape together a few pics to share of our shenanigans:

Shon, Executive Producer Extraordinaire!

I know you all were listening to us broadcast live (of course), but in case you missed it, we did a lot of contests. A lot of dancing contests. We’d start out with a crowd that looked like this:

A little small, but we'll fix that.
A little small, but we'll fix that.

And we’d work our way to this:

Not bad, eh?
Not bad, eh?

The cutest thing? The girl who had her own pom-poms on standby. The scariest thing? Uh… maybe I shouldn’t mention. >_>;

In any case… you missed a lot of fun if you didn’t stop by to say hi to us! (And why wouldn’t you? We don’t bite… too hard.)

Next year, we expect to see you all doing this at Stage Zero. Yes, even you in the back:

FanimeCon2009_danceCatch you then!

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  1. Aww, I like that photo of Shon. :D I wonder if he’s seen it yet. Thanks for taking photos, Sylvian… they came out quite well, and I know how difficult it can be to find what photos you’re looking for amidst another 500 photos of cosplayers and funny situations~!

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