Good News Friends! Nendoroid Mio is in Sight!

Awww, look at that tiny amp! And that tiny bass guitar! Daaaaaaaw!
Awww, look at that tiny amp! And that tiny bass guitar! Daaaaaaaw!

I apologize, this post is very self-indulgent. Finally the K-On! Nendoroids are revealed at the K-On! official web log, starting with the ever-popular-scared-of-barnacles-uber-bassist Mio, seen here. Look at her, it makes you want to say, “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.” There’s no word yet of the price and release date, nor is there info if this is a regular or special edition release. Either way, I must have her and of course the rest of the “After School Tea Time” band.

Speaking of Nendoroids, I’ve pre-ordered 6 of them… SIX! I can’t wait for Nendoroid Raspberryl (Disgaea 3), Asakura Yume (Da Capo), Zange and Nagi (Kannagi), Drossel (Fireball) and last but not least Saber Lily (Fate/Unlimited Code). Halp me!


K-On Official Blog

Battle Fantasia Comes to PS3 in Downloadable Form

Arc System Works known most famously for their gorgeous 2D fighters such as Guilty Gear and the recent Blazblue is bringing one of their fighters to the PS3. Battle Fantasia, which hit the Xbox360 last year to little fanfare, is heading to the Playstation Network. Frank “Bo” deWindt II, the project lead at Arc System Works says the revival of the fighting game genre this year makes it a great time to release the game on the PSN.

Having played the game and being a fighting game fan myself, Battle Fantasia unfortunately is lackluster compared to it’s 2D fighter cousins. With the revival of fighting games reminiscent of the early 90’s when Street Fighter spawned many imitators, are we heading towards another over saturation of fighting games? I hope not because I’m still trying to erradicate my memory of this atrocity.


When Addictions Collide

A little while back Peggle invaded the World of Warcraft. Now Warcraft has invaded the world of Peggle!…or something like that. For the uninitiated, Peggle is a game by PopCap, makers of the insanely popular Bejeweled, that feels like playing a Japanese pachinko machine. Already having multiple versions out, Blizzard and PopCap decided there was still room for another version.

If you haven’t tried out Peggle and you don’t mind having a little bit of WoW flavor to your casual puzzle game, go out and download the game. Before you know it, you’ll be alt-tabbing to get one more shot in during those anime ending sequences in no time. And PopCap if I can make one more suggestion going forward? I know that Bjork is the Peggle mascot and all, but can you make his power more than just something you’d find in Puzzle Bobble?


PopCap Games-Peggle World of Warcraft Edition

Bubblegum Crisis

The 80s were a simpler time. You had girls in mechanical suits...

From the Unwound archives. Way back in the days of my budding anime fandom, a dear friend of min pulled me aside and said he had something to show me. It was called ‘Bubblegum Crisis,’ and he was positive that I would enjoy it. Now, of course, I had my doubts as to the veracity of his claim. After all, it was kind of a ridiculously absurd name and did not really pique my interest all that much. In response, he simply told me to ignore the name and try not to judge an anime based on the title. I was too tired to put up much of a fight, and after work we ended up at his place and settled in for an afternoon of anime watching.

Yeah, I was taught a rather valuable lesson that day. Had I gone with my instincts of begging off, I would not be the same person I am today. I think, along with many other early titles I watched, Bubblegum Crisis is a staple of anime fandom. At least, it’s a staple of mine. I’m not talking about the remake from Pioneer/Geneon, either. I’m talking about the late 80s produced original, where you could tell it was all hand-drawn and not computer-assisted. along with classics like Urusei Yatsura, Macross, Yamato, Gatchaman, and many others, BGC is a must-see for any anime fan out there. It’s a common frame of reference, a point of contention between fans over what constitutes a bad dub, and if you haven’t seen it, you’re punched right out of the conversation, I guarantee you.

gaudy yet awesome outfits, ...

What’s BGC about? Four women battle against the out-of-control creations of the Genom corporation: one driven by revenge, one driven by boredom, one driven by excitement, and one driven by loyalty. Led by Miss Sylia Stingray, the Knight Sabers band together to crusade against the injustice of androids with too much power. Underground singer Priss Asagiri, Linna Yamazaki, and police data specialist Nene Romanova round out the group, wearing Stingray-designed hardsuits and kicking some serious Boomer ass through eight episodes of OVA goodness.

Can you sense my enthusiasm? Good.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this series. It delivers action, romance, drama, and a memorable soundtrack the likes of which has never been reproduced. Every character shows a level of depth that you really only got to see in much longer series. What a story like BGC, it would take a series such as Full Metal Panic or Gundam much more than eight episodes to provide you with a clear background, and even then it took Crash to really screw the pooch. Which in a sense was an additional three episodes to the story, but you see how perfect the eight was? It really didn’t even need the full eleven, right? See?

... and big hair.

Though… Crash had good music. What is it with all these series that are bad, but have kickass OSTs?

Not that BGC was any slouch in the OST department. Quite possibly the most recognizable set of vocal tracks in anime history belongs to this series, which includes the perennial Konya wa Hurricane and my personal favorite, Bye, Bye, My Crisis. The latter of which is just a fun song to chairdance to. Also, it took me forever to find the music in the pre-Complete Vocal Collection days. I could write a full review on the music, itself, so I’ll cut myself short here. The bottom line is, if you haven’t yet watched this series, then crawl out from underneath your rock and get thee hence!