When Addictions Collide

A little while back Peggle invaded the World of Warcraft. Now Warcraft has invaded the world of Peggle!…or something like that. For the uninitiated, Peggle is a game by PopCap, makers of the insanely popular Bejeweled, that feels like playing a Japanese pachinko machine. Already having multiple versions out, Blizzard and PopCap decided there was still room for another version.

If you haven’t tried out Peggle and you don’t mind having a little bit of WoW flavor to your casual puzzle game, go out and download the game. Before you know it, you’ll be alt-tabbing to get one more shot in during those anime ending sequences in no time. And PopCap if I can make one more suggestion going forward? I know that Bjork is the Peggle mascot and all, but can you make his power more than just something you’d find in Puzzle Bobble?


PopCap Games-Peggle World of Warcraft Edition

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