Battle Fantasia Comes to PS3 in Downloadable Form

Arc System Works known most famously for their gorgeous 2D fighters such as Guilty Gear and the recent Blazblue is bringing one of their fighters to the PS3. Battle Fantasia, which hit the Xbox360 last year to little fanfare, is heading to the Playstation Network. Frank “Bo” deWindt II, the project lead at Arc System Works says the revival of the fighting game genre this year makes it a great time to release the game on the PSN.

Having played the game and being a fighting game fan myself, Battle Fantasia unfortunately is lackluster compared to it’s 2D fighter cousins. With the revival of fighting games reminiscent of the early 90’s when Street Fighter spawned many imitators, are we heading towards another over saturation of fighting games? I hope not because I’m still trying to erradicate my memory of this atrocity.


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