Masochism Now Available as DLC

If you’ve ever thought, “Boy, this game just isn’t frustrating enough. There aren’t enough cheap deaths and controller throwing moments for me.”, then I have some good news for you!  Capcom has just released new DLC that will make Megaman 9 harder. “Superhero Mode” is available for only 80 Microsoft points ($1) and perhaps a bit of your sanity too. This DLC will make it so you will encounter more enemies.

I can’t imagine the kind of person this would appeal to as Megmaan 9 is already one of the most frustrating platformers I have played to date. More importantly, I can’t imagine why you would want to pay for this either. Granted it’s only $1, but really if you wanted to pay money to make your life more stressful you can just give it to me and I’ll come to your work and periodically tase you throughout the day. The DLC is available for the Xbox 360 version only and will include no new achievements or leaderboard functionality.



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