Farewell ADV, we hardly knew ye…

ADVFilmsAnnounced on ADVFilms’ website today, was a static press release announcing the completion of the transfer of its assets to different companies.  The ADV library was sold to AEsir Holdings, LLC, while the distribution rights for that library were sold concurrently to SXION 23.  The Anime Network is now a subsidiary of Valkyrie Media Partners.

Those of us who grew up watching AD Vision remember their debut on the scene with the memorable Mamono Hunter Yohko, but I will always remember such titles as Bannou Bunka Neko Musume Nuku-Nuku and Kido Senkan Nadesico, and who could forget their big budget rollout of Shin Seiki Evangelion.  As the ADV label has now officially gone the way of Geneon/Pioneer LDC, I will continue to prize their products within my DVD library and now I’ll be hunting for used DVDs on eBay and Amazon.com.

I guess I’ll say what everyone else is thinking: Who’s next?

Post your memories of ADV titles in the comments.

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  1. Its sad to see ADV go. I mean they always got a hold of some really good anime to bring over here to the States. Hell quite a bit of my anime DVD collection are ADV titles. I mean ADV has been around for what 15+ years and putting out quality stuff. Wasn’t it ADV who had a part in NEWTYPE USA. A great Magizine that went bye-bye. When that happened it had me wondering when ADV itself would go. But even before that ADV sold off some of its titles to get some cash together a while back.. I thought things were ok with them. Now with ADV gone I really think this shows how bad the American Anime Industry is doing. I really do not want to see the day when we have no anime here in the States. With ADV gone it has me wondering when Funimation will be going belly up.

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