Give these Cute Murlocs a Home

Blizzard continued their rich tradition of making things that all World of Warcraft players want at Blizzcon when they unveiled  murloc plushies. These plushies are not based off the normal in-game ones that tend to aggro you from half-way across the screen, but rather on the cute murloc pet Murky that was given away at the first Blizzcon.

These plushies were originally only available at this year’s Blizzcon, but Blizzard just put two of them up on the store today. Knowing the amount of WoW fans who weren’t able to attend Blizzcon, I would be willing to bet these will sell out within a short amount of time. So get them to sell before they show up on Ebay!

Murky and Lurky Plushies via Blizzard Store

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