Four Days of E3: EA Press Conference

The big three of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were the most anticipated press conferences of E3. However there were a few other major publishers who had press conferences of their own. Among these publishers, it doesn’t get any bigger than Electronic Arts. Since they have no hand in any hardware development, they were 85% game announcements, footage and gameplay during their conference. Oh and about 15% Jedi too.

Tease that Hair Girls!

EA started out with a bang, showing the newest trailer for Dante’s Inferno which was developed by Visceral Games. The game, based loosely off of the poem The Divine Comedy, has protagonist Dante fighting through the levels of Hell in order to rescue his beloved Beatrice. Now imagine going from a rendered look into Hell to games for tweens! (Well maybe it wasn’t such an odd transition after all) In what was an odd way to follow it up, EA introduced two games aimed towards tweens, Littlest Pet Shop and Charm Girl Club: Pajama Party, the latter of which had an on-stage demonstration of virtual teasing of hair.

So check it out EA. I understand that tweens are probably a great market to go after. I mean it’s not like you guys were the only publisher to do this at the show. I also understand that this kind of stuff makes your investors drool and dollar signs appear in their eyes, but this is E3. There is a certain type of audience that actually demands these press conferences to be broadcast live on TV and on the Internet. To put it bluntly, this type of audience couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what the new tween game sensation is. Even worse than not caring about these games, it also makes you as a company seem really out of touch to the audience you are presenting to. The pain was soon over and they quickly moved on.

Need for Speed: Nth Edition

Next up was Need for Speed: Shift. This Need for Speed takes it back to the tracks and now supports what they call profile styles. It’s like an RPG where you gain points and level up depending on how precise or aggressive you drive and it tailors your gameplay as you grow. It looks very Project Gotham Racing-y and looks like it’ll be a solid contender on the racing front even if Microsoft’s Forza 3 did look much more impressive.

RPG’s in Fantasy and Space Flavor

Next up were trailers of two of Bioware’s games, Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. Dragon Age looks like a very gritty and dirty fantasy setting RPG. It’s less Dungeons and Dragons and more like a scene you would find painted on the side of a van that includes a heavy metal chick in a chain mail bikini. From some early reports of gameplay, you get to build characters from the ground up via skill trees. It sounds much like an MMO and in fact had heard that a demo involving a hard boss felt like playing a raid dungeon in World of Warcraft if you had to control every single person.

I don’t know much about Mass Effect 2, having never played the first one. However watching this trailer does make me want to go out and play it before Mass Effect 2 comes out. Especially since I hear you get to transfer your character over if you’ve completed the first game. Not much to say except the whole question about whether Sheperd was dead or not immediately gets thrown out the window in the first second of the trailer.

Sports, sports, sports, sports!

Of course no EA event is complete without some mention of their best selling franchises. Nothing mind-blowing was announced, but a few cool things. Fight Night 4 is launching a week early on June 25th and they showed some live gameplay of it. They said the game is so realistic that certain punches will slip through blocks and it can register whether something just glanced your body or hit head on. On the same vein as boxing, EA announced they will be working on EA Sports MMA – Mixed Martial Arts. Interesting as UFC seems to be the one that comes to mind when I think of MMA. So we’ll see if EA can compete with that established franchise, who’s games already have many of the well known MMA fighters.

On the football front, they showed off which launched that day. It’s a community webpage for all their sports titles and among one of the unique features they toted was the ability to build an NCAA team for the upcoming game of the same title. Once the game launches you can take that team and transfer it. Also, Madden now has an online franchise mode where you can create tournaments, fantasy leagues, trading for Madden online or your iPhone.

Casuals Rake in the Dough

Next they talked about their answer to Wii Fit which was EA Sports Active. They showed a video showing off people who have used EA Sports Active and had positive testimony. It felt like a really bad infomercial (I lost 25lbs in 30 days!). However, for as much trash I can talk about this new rise in video game workouts, the sell through has been so successful for EA that a sequel is in the works. Next up the casual fron a live gameplay footage of Grand Slam Tennis, with surprise guest Pete Sampras. Grand Slam Tennis will take advantage of the new Wii Motion Plus.

Brutal Legend’s Star Studded Cast

Tim Schafer, who I never knew was so awkward on stage, came out to talk about his game Brutal Legend. It’s looking like a great cross between Overlord (you control minions), Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (you use the guitar to cast spells a la the ocarina), and Devil May Cry. A trailer was shown highlighting the celebrities who provided voice work. Along with Jack Black some other famous metal stars in the game are, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, Lita Ford and the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Game looks awesome and as I’ve yet to play a Tim Schafer game, I’m hoping this one is just as good as his others.

These Aren’t the Developers that You’re Looking For.

Finally EA’s press conference closed with Bioware’s upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. While it would have been nice to have heard some announcements regarding whether it will be subscription based or not or to see some actual gameplay footage instead of a CG trailer, the trailer rocked nonetheless. It showed off a massive battle between an army of Sith and an army of Jedi and a female bounty hunter in mandalorian armor thrown in for good measure. This MMO will feature something that no other MMO ever had, voice acting for every line of text. It sounds like even when you go talk to someone to hear about a quest it will be fully voiced. For an MMO, this is truly groundbreaking and they said this could possibly be one of the biggest voice over projects to ever exist in gaming, period.

This is not your Grandmother’s EA.

EA certainly has come a long way in the past few years, where previously they were known for milking franchises (not to say they still don’t) and for developing really shoddy games. Among this list alone are plenty of games I’m now excited to hear more about. (Still on the fence about Pajama Party) Most of these games I had no information of prior to this conference. So keep up the good work EA and oh make sure you never lose your grip on Bioware.

Four Days of E3: Nintendo Press Con

Day 2 of E3 has wrapped up and from it came Nintendo’s press conference. Nintendo had been lambasted by more of the hardcore fans for last year’s E3 press conference. With Nintendo’s major announcements being Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music, it was hard for many of those hardcore fans to be excited about the upcoming year. Did Nintendo learn their lesson from last year’s press conference and actually provide exciting news for these same gamers?

While I won’t go into detail about every point they talked about, I will touch upon what I think were their highs and lows.

Real Games for Real Gamers!

Finally! I hope the next iteration is a console version.

On the high point of their press conference, they finally announced a few games that hardcore gamers would care and be genuinely excited about. Mario returned in two flavors, 2D and 3D. On the 2D front you have New Super Mario Brothers. Old school Mario platforming gameplay, but now you can play with up to 4 players. Mario Galaxy 2 looks to have the exact same gameplay as Mario Galaxy but with a couple of new items. So it feels a bit like an expansion pack, but it does have Yoshi so I can forgive it for that.

They actually focused a bit of their new releases segment on RPG’s which is great since the Wii is really lacking in a top name RPG. Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers hopes to be this game and it looks fairly impressive. I just hope it’s a full fledged RPG and not a Diablo-ish dungeon crawler like the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles series. They chose to revitalize another series that hasn’t been seen since the days of GBA, Golden Sun DS. Honestly, I wasn’t blown away with it, and I was a big fan of the first two. I guess it’s been so long it just looks a bit generic for my tastes, but hopefully it’ll prove me wrong.

Samus Bounces Onto the Wii Again

The biggest announcement for me was Metroid: Other M, which is being developed by Nintendo and Team Ninja. The game looks to be a mix of 3D action, a la Ninja Gaiden, with 1st person shooting a la Metroid Prime. (No word if Samus was “enhanced” to Dead or Alive size) It looks like the next gen Metroid I always wanted since I never was too fond of the Prime series. The trailer showed fast paced action, what looks like quick time events and many familiar faces including everyone’s favorite villain Ridley. So kudos for Nintendo for actually showing off games most hardcore gamers would care about.

Trailers are the NEW Gameplay!

However Nintendo’s press conference was not without their share of lows. For all these great games they showed off, they were all trailers and we all know trailers are never true indicators to what the game actually plays like. So even though I am excited about all those games, I will have to reserve judgment until I see some actual in-game footage.

Nintendo Loves their Peripherals

Even lower than that however was Nintendo’s biggest push of the conference, the Wii Motion Plus. Already announced last year during the conference, they showed off the Wii Motion Plus in action. Frankly, I was not impressed. They were using Wii Sports Resort and Grand Slam Tennis to show off the range of motions the Wii Motion Plus could do, but it was hard to translate that to people not actually using it. When all is said and done too, these were all just mini-games that really took advantage of the Wii Motion Plus. When will a developer really come up with more innovative uses for the Wiimote?

This is a Joke… Right?

You can now play "pull my finger" on the Wii. How forward-thinking!

Lastly, not quite a low point, but more like a “uhh….what?” moment. Sataru Iwata came out and did his best impression of a lullaby by talking way too long about bridging the gap between casual and core gamers. Now with that long speech you’d think something totally spectacular was going to come next, something that would steal all the thunder away from Microsoft’s Natal. What he delivered was this. Leaving the audience and myself completely baffled, you’d also think he’d show off something amazing to go along with it. Nope! He left the stage shortly thereafter. I felt like I had been rickrolled by Iwata.

Sorry No Ravi Drums This Year

To sum it all up, Nintendo’s press conference definitely had it’s share of exciting games to look forward to on the Wii and DS, but ultimately their press conference felt very lackluster. I mean really, what was up with them showing pictures of casual people enjoying the Wii and DS every 10 seconds? I felt like I was in a Nintendo infomercial. I’m sick of peripherals at this point and that new Vitality Sensor is quite possibly the last straw. Stick to good games Nintendo and you’ll get back the audience that has long since deserted you.

What Street Fighter IV Could Have Been

In our 5th episode of the Unwound show, we’re going to cover our thoughts about Street Fighter IV and the Street Fighter universe. However I came across this today and felt it’s worth sharing to get everyone pumped up about the upcoming show.

Some of you may not remember way back when there were an over abundance of cartoons on the air that weren’t just all edited anime or stuff that’s supposed to look like anime. No we had it good with our Teenage Mutnant Ninja Turtle clones and horrible cartoons based off of video games. theswitcher takes these fond cartoon memories and combines it with the here and the now to bring you the music video monstrosity you see above.

Strangely, the theme Indestructible from Street Fighter IV is incredibly catchy and has become one of gaming’s guilty pleasures. Anyone else out there who wants to admit to this too? I can’t be the only one who’s loved one walked in on him while practicing dance moves to go along with the song.

Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope

In the future, there was a nuclear war and as a result mankind developed the power of warp space travel. Using this power they were able to visit distant galaxies they call “Star Oceans”. Who will survive in a world of… STAR OCEANS!

So that actually sums up the basic plot behind the game. This game is a prequel to any other Star Oceans and stars off with World War III nuclear strikes ravaging Earth and decimating it’s population. Soon after mankind looks to space for survival and five ships are tasked with colonizing a new planet. You play a crew member from one of those ships named Edge Maverick (parents must have got the name from a list of generic space heroes).


Non-fantasyesque story. The first thing I noticed is how vastly different the feel of the game is from Star Ocean 2, the only other Star Ocean game I played. Where Star Ocean 2 felt more fantasy than sci-fi, Star Ocean 4 feels defintely more sci-fi than fantasy. So people who are looking forward to a JRPG that breaks the typical storyline mold shouldn’t be disappointed.

Battle pace. First off no random battles makes me a happy camper. Two new mechanics, blindsiding and rush, help break up monotonous button mashing. Blindsiding allows your character to sidestep around an enemy to get a free guaranteed critical strike in. Rush is like a super meter that, when full, can be activated to get increased stats for awhile. It’s definitely something new and makes battles feel more dynamic and like a fighting game-like.

Uh Reimi, it's not what you think! Oh hell, so... wanna join? ^_~


The dubbing. I know that JRPG’s can have good dubbing as made evident by Tales of Vesperia and Eternal Sonata, but I would rank Star Ocean 4 even beneath Infinite Undiscovery! (Listen to Welch and tell me this isn’t true). It makes it even worse when you hear the same two victory quotes after every battle. However even Infinite Undiscovery’s dubbing grew on me so we’ll wait and see how it pans out.

Lots of story, no action! Like most JRPG’s, there is a lot of exposition you are given before you get to actual gameplay and when you do it suffers from what I like to call “I don’t know where to go next”-itis in which sometimes you’ll be wandering around for a long time before you figure out the next trigger for the storyline. This has always been a huge pet-peeve and I hope that it doesn’t happen as often in the future.

Generic characters. Yeah the overall story is cool so far, but the characters you play as  have felt very flat and one-dimensional. I’m hoping that we see some actual depth to these characters as the story goes on.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for another JRPG to get sucked into, you could do a lot worse. However with stuff like Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia and Persona 4 out there you could also do a lot better. If you RPG’s that break the mold of the traditional fantasy world (not to say it doesn’t have it’s fair share of swords and sorcery) I would definitely say give it a try. If you already got your plate full with other new releases I think it can be passed for now until a drop in price.

So Am I Considered Part of G-Unit Now?

So with the last few weeks cluttered with releases like Street Fighter IV, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Halo Wars, and Killzone 2, who knew that the one game I would end up buying would be this one.

When I first heard about Fiddy’s 2nd foray into the gaming world I wondered why anyone was even covering it in the first place. I didn’t pay it much attention until I started hearing about it from some reputable gaming websites. Which if it was an isolated incident I wouldn’t think twice. But when you start hearing favorable reviews from here and here and over here and don’t forget here too, it becomes hard to ignore this the cult status the game has already undertaken.

As I write this my copy of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is currently being processed by, so look forward in the near future to my take on the game and see for yourself whether or not the game is worth it for teh lulz that everyone claims it will bring. Maybe if there’s enough demand the Unwound Show can do a live blog of a co-op run through.