Ozzy to Bite Off Murloc Head at Blizzcon

Were you one of the lucky 20,000 people during the first 8 minutes of Blizzcon ticket sales? Well I hope that you’re a big metal head as Blizzard announced who will be headlining at their sorta annual fan event. Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness himself, is going to be closing out the show this year and wil prove that priests aren’t the only people who can melt faces.

From the official press release:

“Our goal with BlizzCon is to deliver an unforgettable weekend of entertainment, and we can’t think of a better way to close out this year’s show than having Ozzy rock the house,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Many of us at Blizzard are lifelong fans of Ozzy’s music, and we’re thrilled that he’ll be performing for all of our BlizzCon attendees as well as those joining us via DIRECTV and the live Internet stream.”

Personally I think this is a great addition to Blizzcon. The past two years, they closed the show with Blizzard’s in house band, L80ETC, and a mini Video Games Live concert. While those are great in their right, seeing the same thing again for a 3rd year in a row would be very stale. Ozzy joins Jay Mohr and Patton Oswalt as celebrities who have appeared at previous Blizzcons.



Tales of Vesperia: The Video Game: The Anime: The Images

Back in April, there was a pair of Tales of Vesperia related announcements. While loli pirate characters are nice and all, the second announcement of a Tales of Vesperia anime has me all aflutter. Produced by Production I.G., the anime takes place before the events of the video game.  It is being released October 3rd in Japan on the big screen under the name Tales of Vesperia ~ The First Strike ~. Famitsu posted a couple of new images on their site to hold you over until October. No words on an domestic release, but I’m sure some of you more clever readers will find a way to make that sooner rather than later.



Joe, I Got Great News! Fiddy is in Modern Warfare 2!

Anime News Network, you too! Japanator, you too! Anime Vice, you too! *blat* *blat* *blat* Hand me my choco taco!

Joe, dude! I hope you’re reading this. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson will be making a cameo voice appearance in the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 game. Unfortunately, Tony Yayo is not yet confirmed, but we can all hope! Now I know how much you love 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, so I hope you can hold that enthusiasm by November 10, 2009, rated M for Mature, available on Xbox Circle and PS Triple. Anyway, keep in touch!


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