Learn to Play King Of Fighters in 20 Minutes or Less!

For those excited about how Street Fighter IV has revived the fighting game scene, you are probably looking forward to a few summer releases, with The King of Fighters XII being one of them. But for the uninitiated, KOF gameplay can feel extremely foreign compared to its cousin over at Capcom. How does a gamer catch up on over 10 years of KOF gameplay? Why by watching these two movies of course!

Stumbled across on the Shoryuken forums, KOF aficionado Dandy J created two videos for beginners. It gives you a taste of the strategy and mind games you never thought existed in fighters.

Part 1

Part 2

Mario World Meets Anime Megamix

For a few years now, Mario level mods have been popping up here and there. Some mods show Mario on autopilot through a level with carefully placed switches, moving platforms and koopas getting him there. Some of the more sadistic modders show how playing a Mario level can quickly degenerate into the stuff of nightmares.

This one particular level mod ascends to something so much more. It involves another autopilot Mario World level, but uses the sound effects that plays along with a medley of anime and game music. Not since Mario Paint has Mario been applied to such an amazing musical score. It comes in at a massive 10 minutes. See how many songs you can recognize without looking at the list.

Japan Unleashes “Ambassadors of Cute” to the World

According to the Japan Times, Japan’s Foreign Ministry has appointed three female “ambassadors of cute” to promote Japanese pop culture to the world (and I’m not talking about Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki; although one can dream!) Shizuka Fujioka, one of the cute liaisons visited Thailand this past March, to talk about Japanese school girl uniforms. One young Thai dude commented how pretty the ambassador looked in a uniform and he wants to visit Japan. (Editor’s note: sounds kinda creepy to me!)

Note: These are NOT Japan's cute ambassadors.
Note: These are NOT Japan's cute ambassadors.

Though it seems to be an innocent way to promote Japan, some politicians doesn’t feel the same way. New Komeito politician and Diet member, Kaori Maruya warned the Foreign Ministry to be careful not to draw “unwarranted criticism” from other countries of their ambassadors in skimpy skirts.

You have to give the Japanese government some credit for trying to keep Japan in the limelight, appointing cute girls isn’t going to help Japan’s image in the long run. Especially now that other countries think of Japan as some kind of pervert haven. Instead, Japan should promote its culinary robots and gunpla prowess to the world!


The Japan Times

1 vs 100 Getting Price Hike From Nothing to Something?

Ask some of the Unwound show crew about the 1 vs 100 beta on Xbox Live Arcade and they’ll tell you what a fun positive experience it’s been. However this may all change when the game officially launches late in the year.

Part of Microsoft’s new Xbox Live Primetime idea, 1 vs 100 simulates the gameshow of the same name by pitting Xbox Live users against each other in trivia. The beta is currently free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but some Kotaku readers have found something that may hint that it’s not.

During the beta, these readers have found an option to buy a “Season Pass”. Microsoft plans to run the game show over 13 week periods. It is unclear exactly what this pass is as Microsoft has yet to comment on it. Could it just be an option that would allow Silver level subscribers to play the game as well? Or is it truly an indication that 1 vs 100 will become pay-to-play? Hopefully the former, as I’m all up for prizes that are free to win. If I have to pay to win these prizes? Not so much.



Subtitles Gone Mad!

It seems that in the course of the history of fansubbing, sometimes you have groups that take it a little too far. I remember back in the old days, watching Fushigi Yuugi for the first time fan subbed by a group called Tomodachi Anime. Tomodachi has taken it upon themselves to add to the watching experience by setting the subtitles on fire whenever one of the character spoke with anger, or bouncing them all over the screen if there was dialogue during a scene wherein someone got smacked.


There is absolutely no need for this kind of extravagance in a fansub.  Fansubbers have to be careful of many things as it is; errors, timing, translations, font, and color. A majority of the groups out there right now have no issue with those priorities, and on the whole, I don’t have any problem with watching fansubs. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. Now, I’ve always believed that if you can’t present a solution, you’re part of the problem, and speaking as someone who’s been loosely affiliated with fansubbing (error checking, timing, and translating), allow me to list a few helpful hints to those out there as to what makes a good fansub:

  • Be consistent with your subtitles. This means, keep them the same color(s) and in the same location.  I like how some fansubbers assign colors to characters or inner monologues. Those are cues taken from excellent subbers like AnimEigo or Soulsword Studios.
  • Never place your subtitles in an unreadable position. Don’t align them along the side of the screen or against a similarly colored background. As above, you want to keep them in the same place at all times and of course, you want them to be legible!
  • Try not to put too much information on the screen at the same time. Our eyes are trying to watch the show, and some of us occasionally have to focus on words, while some of us are able to take in the whole picture at once without difficulty. If you have notes from the translator or liner notes that go beyond a single line, then you need to either put your information at the beginning (ala AnimeMPEG) or keep it on the screen long enough for everyone to read it and understand. Do not assume everyone speed-reads.
  • Do not add to the presentation. This means, keep the font/style to something readable and don’t have words explode on or off the screen, bounce around, flaming… just subtitle it and try to keep the vanity/ego to a minimum. If you want to make the words dance around and do all that crap, put it on your logo and then go back to number one.
  • Finally, karaoke should not distract my attention from the opening/ending animation. I don’t mind the color-changing, but I do mind it when words scroll in from off the screen or explode into existence in an eye-catching fashion.  I really don’t care for karaoke; I think it’s unnecessary as a part of the fansub presentation, but I can live with it.

Not following these simple tips makes your production look like an amateur hour. While I realize that fansubbers don’t get paid (having been one), there’s a certain standard to which all fansub groups must follow in order to be considered a reliable group. Those groups that follow these guidelines get it, and this is why they’re popular and downloaded more often than others. In the end, fansubbers have one job: to present an English translation to the audience. Subtitles are a support mechanism; they’re not the whole of the show, so don’t bloat the subs so much that they take away from the awesome artform we love.


Based on the rant presented in U104: Unusual Girlfriends & Lovers.