Creepy Anime-style Contact Lenses for Sale!

Uh... hey, how you doin'? Ahhh, my soul's being sucked!

File this under “wait, whut?” Okay, colored contact lenses have been around forever, but these contact lenses takes it to the extreme. These extra-wide pupiled contact lens are from GEOLens, a Korean fashion contact lens maker. You too can scare the bejeebus out of people, by looking more cartoon-like. I don’t know what’s creepier, these lenses or this or this. Warning: All links (except for the source) are not safe for life!


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Chad’s PS Triple is Now a Manga on iTunes

I'm sure Chad Wardenn approves of the moe-fied PS Triple!

About a couple of years ago, there was a viral video of some dude named Chad Wardenn (or “Woh-ennn” as he’d like to pronounce), who made a video claiming how the PS3 or “PS Triple” is better than the “gay ass” Wii and Xbox 360. Because of the ridiculousness of Chad’s claims, the video went viral and the PS Triple became a meme. It’s hard to tell whether Chad is faking his allegiance to the Triple or not, but nonetheless the video was a comedic hit.

Now, the “PS Triple”, the term that Chad coined, is now the name of a manga series you can buy for the iPhone/iPod Touch. PS Triple is about anthropomorphized moe video game consoles, including of course, the Playstation 3. Kinda like the Troubled Windows characters and equally as strange. Anyway, you can check out the web comic at their blog on the 1up web site.

In honor of the PS Triple, I present to you the origin of the term, coined by Chad Woh-enn himself. Enjoy (or maybe not).

Warning: The video may cause cancer of the AIDS of the leukemia of the eye.


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