Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Don't be fooled by the typical love story beginning.

From the Unwound archives. This was one of those series that had been sitting on my hard drive for a while. I’m not sure how anyone else watches anime, but I tend to be a collector of digisubs. I’ll download a metric ton of anime and then get daunted by the fact that I have a metric ton of anime to watch, until one day I’ll be bored or someone pushes me to watch something. A majority of the first season was generally: “Oh, you have to watch [title X]. It’s awesome.” “Oh, yeah, I downloaded that like a month ago. Haven’t gotten around to watching it, yet.” “Why not?” “I don’t know. It’s never come up.” When Jesse said we were watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, I was like, “Oh, yeah, it’s on my hard drive, but I only watched the first episode and it didn’t seem like much.” He told me, “You have to watch the second episode. Trust me, man.”

The episode where I got owned.

Holy crap. The second episode owned me.

And then the third and fourth, until the end.

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is a story of a group of three friends. I say three, because the fourth friend is really just background noise. A lame attempt at a comedic foil that failed miserably. But anyway, the story centers around a love triangle. Two girls and a guy.

The basic recipe for Kiminozo is: Guy dates Girl. Girl’s Friend also likes Guy. Girl gets hit by a car, goes into a coma. Years later, Guy and Girl’s Friend get together. Girl wakes up. Add drama liberally and stir until angst is thick enough to be used as molasses, unable to be cut with a damned lightsaber. If you make it all the way the last episode, feel free to reach for the tissue, because you’ll need it.

Is this considered cheating if you believe your girl will never come out of a coma?

The whole series is a mere fourteen episodes long, but they manage to pack enough angst into each episode to make you think it was twice as long. I realize that may not be appealing to some, but the fact is that each episode felt more like it was an hour than twenty-six minutes. I don’t mean to say that it dragged, but more like that there was so much going on in each one that there was no way it was that short after getting to the ending theme. I kept having to check my computer clock to make sure I didn’t accidentally hit daylight savings time or something. Needless to say, each episode had something of a hook at the end, and I was firing up the next one almost immediately. Note to self: never try to watch a gripping series as a means of falling asleep. I just won’t sleep until the series is done!

Sleep is for the weak, anyway.

Overall, Kiminozo is for anime fans who thought Kimagure Orange Road was lacking in drama or Maison Ikkoku didn’t have enough angst. Be prepared to get sucked in by the end of the second episode, and be prepared to rip your own heart out over it. I nearly did.