Macross Frontier + K-On! = Sweet!

This is filed under the old adage, “two great tastes, tastes great together.” Someone from Nicovideo created a video mash-up, using a K-On! modified version of the Miku Miku Dance program and Seikan Hikou from Macross Frontier. What we have here is an awesome music video. Enjoy!

What Street Fighter IV Could Have Been

In our 5th episode of the Unwound show, we’re going to cover our thoughts about Street Fighter IV and the Street Fighter universe. However I came across this today and felt it’s worth sharing to get everyone pumped up about the upcoming show.

Some of you may not remember way back when there were an over abundance of cartoons on the air that weren’t just all edited anime or stuff that’s supposed to look like anime. No we had it good with our Teenage Mutnant Ninja Turtle clones and horrible cartoons based off of video games. theswitcher takes these fond cartoon memories and combines it with the here and the now to bring you the music video monstrosity you see above.

Strangely, the theme Indestructible from Street Fighter IV is incredibly catchy and has become one of gaming’s guilty pleasures. Anyone else out there who wants to admit to this too? I can’t be the only one who’s loved one walked in on him while practicing dance moves to go along with the song.