Why is the show called ‘Unwound’?

When we fans sit down and watch anime, a majority of us do it to unwind after either a hard day or maybe as part of a convention circuit where we might be on vacation. Unwound implies we’ve already succeeded in doing just that and we’re ready to discuss what we’ve seen.

What prompted you guys to start the show?

We had actually already had several discussions about anime in the past, during our dealings with running a convention. Jesse was the director of video programming, and Michael was the director of operations. Occasionally, Michael would start an open discussion with staffers about anime, to remind them of why they were there in the first place, and eventually those discussions would grow. When we approached our producer, Ray, in May to propose the show to Japan-A-Radio, it seemed everyone involved or approached was positive, so we agreed to begin production after JAR gave us the green light.

The show presented an opportunity to bring what we thought was some fan-based intelligent discussion to the public in a format that prevented us from being too complacent and pretentious. We knew from the beginning that several review sites and shows either began or twisted into “authoritySpeak,” which is what fans don’t necessarily like hearing. Even sites that claimed to be casual ended up being staunch in their views, and although we have our perspectives, we felt we differed enough to be open to new ideas and ways of looking at things. Each week is a learning experience!

Where do you guys record the show?

During the first season and the first four episodes of the second season, we recorded at the Project 760 Studios in San Francisco, California. We are currently recording episodes at a studio in San Jose, California. We also do on-location record sessions, like Anime Expo 2004 in Anaheim, California, or Japan Center in Japantown, San Francisco. Future episodes will be recorded at SakuraCon, Fanime, Ani-Magic, and possibly other conventions.

How long does each session take?

When we used scripts, each session took about 4-6 hours. After we listened to many fan suggestions to go from scripted to unscripted, we can do an episode in about an hour and a half, depending on the circumstances. Most times, though, and especially when we have guests on the show, we’ll chatter off-the-air and sit in the studio for much longer. Smiley

Has Michael , Robert or Jesse done radio shows before?

Michael is the veteran radio personality. He’s hosted two radio shows and guested on several talk and music programs such as KFJC’s afternoon show. Jesse has never hosted radio shows prior to Unwound, but has now been a co-host with Michael for over 10 years. Robert also has never hosted a radio show and amazingly he’s a natural co-host.

Can we visit the studio or participate as part of a studio audience?

When we used to have a studio audience, sure, but as we’ve moved back into a closed studio, we’re unable to provide accomodations for an audience at this time. Sorry.

Can you talk to industry officials and get them to lower prices/release shows/otherwise influence them?

We’re fans, just like you. Our influence on the industry is as powerful as yours.

I’m an advertiser, and I’d like Michael or Jesse to be the voice on my radio ad. How can I make that happen?

Contact questions(at)unwoundshow(dot)com with your inquiry for a rate card. It should be noted that we offer discounts to those who advertise on Japan-A-Radio.

How do I get the Unwound crew to come to my convention?

If you are on a convention staff anywhere in the United States or Canada, and would like us to cometo your convention, please have your publicity director, your press relations manager, and a senior/executive staffer contact Michael at his MiS email address of mgarcia(at)misproductions(dot)com. What we need from a convention is the following:

  1. Full or partial subsidizing of travel costs (plane tickets).
  2. Partial subsidizing of hotel room(s) (not required, but appreciated).
  3. If the convention would like us to broadcast live, they will need to provide us with a high-traffic booth or table to broadcast from, with at least a 512kbps net connection made available for uplinking to our servers in California.
  4. Press or Industry badges for all staff travelling with us (usually between 5-7 people).

What we provide in exchange for all this: Japan-A-Radio and Unwound will promote your convention on the air and on our website, which usually ends up being to the convention’s advantage considering our listener demographic and our competative rates/fees for those services. Especially on-air ads, which are generally more expensive to purchase.

I love this show. How can I support you guys?

You can make a one-time donation to support Japan-A-Radio or become a monthly/quarterly subscriber. Subscribing is the best way you can throw your support behind JAR and Unwound, because the money that comes every month helps pay down the operating costs that come out of Shon’s pocket. Shon pays for MiS, MiS pays for Unwound, and without both Unwound would have no radio outlet at all.

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